Slow Patsy

An duo exhibition between Austin Swearengin & Emma Courtney Cook

The lewd stench of the freshly cleaned washroom, or the daily ritual of drinking wine from a $.50 glass. I have taken more baths in the last two weeks than notches on my bedpost. Two or three a day, when I feel overtly stressed. There is a pang of hunger and walk from my apartment to the front door. A long 5 flights of stairs, because our elevator hasn’t worked since I moved into this place. I told myself it would be good, keep me in shape, but now is a terrible inconvenience. I dread this walk, as it is where I see all of the people I never really want to see. I find myself staring at their pores, and inspecting their hair. It’s something I do when not paying attention. It’s called brain stemming, I think. Like when you sit in the grass and immediately start pulling it for no apparent reason other than that is what you are doing. She is talking politics, a subject of which I care a lot about, but rarely find the energy to talk to people about. I’m now sitting at the café on the corner, after a while we change the subject and order another glass of wine and some bread. I walk home alone. Make the trek up the 5 flights of stairs. I take another bath and can hear someone playing music in the adjacent apartment. Loud and masking sex, I’m sure. When I go under the water it seems distant, like an underwater scene in a movie. Like when the camera bobs between under water and out of water, and every time the camera goes under it sounds distant and distorted. The steam makes it easier to breath, and I put my head under again just to listen some more. 


Slated to Open February 15th at Bus Projects, Melbourne, Australia. 

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