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GirlsWorld is a Publication issuing its first print edition come Spring 2017. 

Our aim is to allow artists and thinkers to respond to the term, GirlsWorld, the idea, the state of mind or the state of being, in whatever way they see fit. GirlsWorld aims to be a series of musings, slightly changing form with each new issue, sometimes featuring content on a specific theme, and sometimes providing the viewer and reader with a wider range of observations.  

Women, far beyond their biological state of girlhood, are often stuck in this limbo (socially, professionally, societally) - Eternal Girlhood refers to a sweetness, an amateurishness - a coy but simple and easiness, a lack of complexity, a hidden tragedy. This state is not solely limited to people who refer to themselves as women - it is a state of mind, a state of being - a state of not taking oneself seriously at the risk of being seen as overly aggressive. It is being looked down upon, while simultaneously being fetishized. It is being full of unlocked potential, sexual or otherwise, without knowing it.

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