B.1989, Minneapolis, Minnesota



There are always relative vantage points. Women as items of luxury and capital, woman as master, woman as deceiver, barer - deliverer. These are good avenues to tread in waking life, to discover, to exclaim and assess, to prepare- she thinks. 


There is a dream where a man without legs comes and puts this woman - sitting, perceiving - in a burlap sack and carries her through a basement storm door. His head is shiny, almost buffed like marble. 


There is a bed, a candle, a kitchen, a laundry, a pen and a serpent there. 


How might I capitalize, how might I regain control?  I could kick, and bite or possibly utilize the power of perceived female ignorance? she is moving like a ball through the storm door. She has used this as a means to distract from unwanted male micromanagement and control through the years. 


Of course I will recover this time while I’m still young, but always! The burlap, the sack, the burlap, the sack. Get in, get out, get in, get out, launder, launder, etc.  She has cut it with a razor a few times in her life, she has laundered it to thread bare. 


If a cop doesn’t assist directing your head through the cop door would a robber actually hit it? Step in the car and watch your head - hand placed - Is this like the tree falling in the woods? One mircomanagerial action that is seen frequently with cops and robbers. Almost smart enough to rob a bank, not smart enough to watch your head. Men experience this, this is specifically probably only experienced by men.” she thinks. 


When she was put into the burlap sack they didn’t tell her to watch her head, instead they just watched her ass. Funny how there are always treasures found in burlap sacks. Funny how robbers of peoples freedom use burlap to cover the face of there prisoners usually depicted in interrogation rooms.  Funny how there is currency in both occasions inside the burlap, dollars and answers. 

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